Project: “Tissue specificity and molecular crosstalk of steroid hormone receptors”

Aim of the project. The project aims at understanding the molecular mechanisms underpinning the tissue specificity and the crosstalk between steroid hormone receptors through integrative analyses. Our team has recently developed projects based on genomewide characterization of transcription factor cistromes and transcriptomes in various tissues of genetically modified mice, thereby providing the unique opportunity to decipher the in vivo mode of action of nuclear receptors. The fellow’s tasks will be to identify tissuespecific receptor partners and characterize the associated epigenetic marks using cuttingedge technics like Atac-seq, Hi-C and Rapid Immunoprecipitation Mass Spectrometry (RIME). Genome-wide data obtained in various tissues will be strengthened in in vitro models to delineate these complex molecular mechanisms.

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